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As part of our celebration of Women’s History Month, we wanted to spread awareness about the challenges and trials many women face today. In collaboration with artist, Lauren Levi, we have created the Women Can Combo Set. Each set includes a limited edition print and beautiful neon pothos plant that benefits the New Voices for Reproductive Justice.


Each set includes a limited edition print that benefits the New Voices for Reproductive Justice.


Since 2004, New Voices aims to achieve the complete health and well-being of Black women, femmes, girls & folx through leadership. The New Voices for Reproductive Justice defines health to include physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, political, economic, environmental and social well-being. New Voices amplifies the voices of Black women, femmes and girls to advance Sexual & Reproductive Health, LGBTQ+ Rights, Health Care Access, Ending Gender-Based Violence, Ending Mass Incarceration and Environmental Justice.

With chapters in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, the social movement plans to educate the general public about Human Rights and Reproductive Justice for all. Their mission is to provide Black Women the resource and accessibility they deserve to reproductive, abortion, and maternal health. New Voices is also devoted to organizing a safe space for all individuals to be heard—especially for Black Women and the situations they have faced in America.

Women's History Month Art Print by Lauren Levi for The Nice Plant! Grab the Women Can Collab Bundle on theniceplant.com

“No matter what your situation is, you deserve to have access to the knowledge and tools to take control of your own reproductive health.”  

Though the world has evolved and we have progressed from traditional values, we still have a long way to go to achieve the equality that ALL women deserve. It’s important to recognize the challenges that are present today to help find a solution for future generations. 

The Nice Plant advocates social justice for all oppressed groups who do not have the proper access they need to achieve the well-being they deserve. As a Black-Owned business and a women-run organization, we value movements like New Voices because they make a difference and strive for inclusivity. Their dedication and leadership towards oppressed communities inspire us to take part in this social movement as we believe it’s simply the right thing to do. Our vision for providing self care and wellness goes beyond race, gender, sexuality, and social class. We stand in the direction of this humane notion because TNP believes in a progressive and united society. 

“Transforming the world in service of Black women, girls and gender expansive folx is my life’s calling. Racism, misogyny and other spheres of oppression restrict health and wellbeing for Black women, girls and those expanding toxic gender binaries via injustices like unstable housing, wage theft, violence exposure and environmental degradation. My fifteen-year career in public health and non-profit management didn’t teach me that; my life experiences as the eldest daughter of parents born during segregation in rural Mississippi and Baltimore did.” 

- Kelly Davis, Executive Director 

Kelly Davis of New Voices for Reproductive Health


For more information or to get involved with our friends from New Voices, please visit https://newvoicesrj.org

Logo for New Voices for Reproductive Justice


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