Rooted in Self Care

The Nice Plant is here to make plant shopping easier and hassle-free.

Every space deserves the energy that plants bring.
Send the perfect gift and let us do the heavy lifting.


From interior plant design to gifting, we want to remove the stress and share the joy that plants bring.

Corporate Gifting

We have some of the best partners who are invested in their team and client gifting programs. We customize everything from the exterior packaging to the products inside. Work with us!


Everyone should have a little green.

We set out to make gifting easier and planting stress free! The Nice Plant brings you plants and products that help increase mindfulness, through vehicles of meditation and ritual practices, and thoughtfulness, by caring for your growing, thriving plant! Our product collections are truly Self care in a box. Our curated selections are carefully designed to elevate your energy and enhance your lifestyle


In bigger cities with smaller spaces, it is 100% possible to grow your own indoor living plants. On top of that, humans thrive in the presence of plants. Here at The Nice Plant, we channel this energy directly into our plant based products. 

Plants are an intimate part of our lives — we live with them and care for them — and we want to invite you into a lifestyle filled with calm, tranquil energy and positive vibes. The combination of aromatherapy, meditative properties of saging and ritual practice of watering a living plant can bring clarity, boost creativity, reduce stress or anxiety (or both), change the energy of your space and also reduce toxins.

The Nice Plant is for the seasoned plant lover and the newbie looking for any shade of green thumb. We got you!


We are excited to have you here.

Jasmine Nicole + Andre Cisco