Celebrating Women's History Month with Lauren Levi & Leah Kirsch

Plant Care is Self Care

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we have teamed up with two amazing artists to advocate self care and wellness for all, as well as spread awareness for women’s rights and achievements. Both artists were asked to create a design that resonates with their vision of self care and wellness. We also want to dedicate this campaign to the hard-working women fighting for change in all spaces for decisions to be made. These limited-edition products are now available at The Nice Plant. 

The Nice Plant is all about finding and creating the space to thrive. This Women’s History Month is a special time for us not only to celebrate the historic accomplishments of women but also to create a significant achievement of our own, as we are a women-run organization! We are proud of our team and this symbolic achievement we have set for ourselves.

About the Artists 

Our all-natural, limited release Ease Your Mind Room Spray is a refreshing combination of essential oils and inviting aromas that make it easy to reset your mood and change the energy of your space. This special edition was designed by Lauren Levi.

Lauren Levi 

Los Angeles, CA 

LA native, Lauren Levi, is an extraordinary artist like no other. Levi focuses on the beauty of melanin and incorporates bright colors and patterns into her art. Her talent is a gift that inspires all of us to not only think bigger but choose to be better.

Most of Levi’s art is not only influenced by her experience as a black woman and a single mother, but also by black activism, feminism, and hip hop. With many challenging moments, she found art not only as a calling towards happiness but also the answer to helping inspire people.

“I found art at a very dark and challenging time. As a mother, I knew my only option to choose happiness to be my best for my son was to find a creative outlet. I came across some young black artists while surfing the net and I was so inspired by everything they were doing in their community I decided to try it. I wasn't great at all but I promised myself I would keep developing my skills and just enjoy the journey.”

Levi’s life is strongly influenced by art and culture. Even in her free time, she chooses to be creative: painting her pots and being surrounded by plants. Ohh how we wish we had that skill! Everything that Levi observes, she finds a muse that persuades her to be creative. 


“My free time is never really feel like free time because it is always an opportunity for me to create whether that be paint pots, paint on canvas while I am surrounded with my plant or just laying on the couch drawing on my iPad. All of my idle time is filled with art.” 

With all the talent that she possesses, it can definitely be exhausting. To help her stay centered, she affirms to herself there is a reason for her and her gifts to be a service to help heal humanity. (We undeniably need her energy!) Levi’s vision of self care and wellness is staying authentic and true to yourself. A bit of poetic and powerful advice we all can preach on! She believes
there is something so liberating about having the audacity to live and speak your truth.” 

Behind the design:

This visionary artist lives in color! Her art speaks for itself with bold color combinations and trippy patterns–it is absolutely a masterpiece. As a plant mom herself, she envisioned the design to reflect the energy that plants possess–very bright sun-like. 

“The yellow is for sunlight

The pink is for a pink aura which reflects your heart chakra being open and allowing yourself to show up in the world in a loving way.

The green is for the richness of foliage

The blue is for the sky on a sunny day

The orange is my son's favorite color so I try to incorporate it in all my art.”

The passion and drive that she possesses truly make her a one-of-kind artist.


Our hand-poured soy wooden wick candles elevate any room with electrifying and refreshing notes of sandalwood, amber and lemongrass. Each is hand-painted with the self care phrases "Balance" and "Purpose."

Leah Kirsch 

Santa Monica, CA 


Santa Monica artist, Leah Kirsch has created a brand that prioritizes inclusivity, individuality, and empowering women. During her time at Fordham University Kirsch had started a side project that suddenly became a life-changing passion for her and all women …. 

Her devotion to art and fashion had started from a young age. She dedicates her influence and appreciation to her creative and talented mother. As her interests grew over time, she immediately knew this was something she wanted to do with her life.  

“My mom and I used to go shopping and easy to say...I was OBSESSED with clothes. I loved wearing them, putting outfits together, looking at them, talking about them, everything. My mom is super creative and artistic, so branching off of that, I started making headbands, flipflops, and patching holes in jeans at 12 years old (we weren't allowed to wear ripped jeans in middle school).” 

Kirsch is a California girl through and through! When she isn’t at the studio, you can find her relaxing at the beach or by the pool. Her life in LA is all about spending time with people and special moments that matter to her. One of her recent discoveries about herself is her appreciation in playing tennis and trying new restaurants. Kirsh obviously embodies “that girl” vibe we all are trying to achieve!

Though it’s important to spend quality time with our friends and family, it’s also important to spend time to resonate with yourself. To Kirsch, her idea of self care and wellness is all about splurging time for yourself. Whether it’s working out, meditating, or doing a skincare routine, one of the important things we’ve learned from her is to make yourself a priority!

If I feel even slightly tired, I know I have to pass on the dinner I really want to go to and stay in because focusing on my career is extremely important to me right now. As I get a little older, I notice when I go out, I'm tired the next day and not as sharp with my work so my self-care is choosing to my career over a night out (even if it's a simple night out). It's not easy sometimes.”

Behind the design:

When collaborating on the design, Kirsh envisioned meaningful statements that were relatable and positive. 

I believe that "Balance" and "Purpose" are all of those things. In addition to that, they are both things I've found to be very important in my life as I've learned more and grown into the person I am now. Having a purpose in life makes everything seem...to make sense. And finding/creating/having balance to your life makes everything seem more meaningful. When I balance the time between working, playing, and building my relationships, I am able to be really present and appreciate every moment.”

The design itself truly reflects Kirsch’s personality and her artistic taste. 

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