What is The Nice Plant?

“Everyone should have a little green”

Those words are the seeds that have grown The Nice Plant into what we represent today. It’s only the beginning but we’ve accomplished more than we’ve expected in such a short amount of time! Thousands of you have purchased your first plant with us! And we are just getting started.

We launched summer 2020.

With our experience building brands and storytelling, it was only right that we develop a new business rooted in one of our favorite things: plants.

Andre encouraged exploring the idea of an e-commerce company because of his expertise in building a merch program for a renowned music artist and a brewing coffee shop. Jasmine has curated her home and workspace with dozens (and dozens) of plants, so this direction made perfect sense. By honing in on our idea of an inclusive vision of wellness, we created The Nice Plant, including our experiences and perspectives. Contrary to what popular media may have us believe, wellness doesn't always look the same. We are dedicated to curating our own version of a healthy lifestyle and defining that for ourselves based on our values. 

The concept of a plant subscription service being built mid-pandemic was an endeavor we embraced, despite challenges that presented themselves. 

“Does this pull the focus away from what’s important right now?” “Is this the right time?” “Can we afford it?” “Will it succeed?” 

...loud questions that we were faced with. 

But as the concept and mission of The Nice Plant grew, it became clear there was no better time. The question was no longer, “How do we make this company thrive in the midst of this?,” but instead, “How can we use The Nice Plant as a tool to contribute to the community and emphasize the idea of wellness in times of uncertainty?”.

It is impossible to measure how many ideas, concepts, and businesses that were lost due to the pandemic. As seasoned entrepreneurs, our primary lane - creative direction and event production - had been redirected by the pandemic early on. But in the pivot, we found a fruitful passion that we happen to be really good at. 

There is a bigger picture for The Nice Plant other than just celebrating plants. We want to give you all the gift that grows when you may need it the most.  

We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge how drastically the state of the world can affect business life and day to day affairs. We are grateful to have chiseled out a corner for fellow plant lovers, wanna-be plant parents, people looking for unconventional wellness and anyone who could use a little self care in a box! 

For those of you who are just being introduced to The Nice Plant, welcome! We are Jasmine and Andre, founders and partners, and we are looking forward to building this community with you all!

Green thumb or not, you are welcome here!


Founders, Jasmine + Andre Cisco

Founders, Jasmine + Andre Cisco

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  • Nura on Feb 23, 2021

    You guys never seize to amaze me. Great idea after great idea. Successful project after successful project. It’s truly inspiring. The Nice Plant is brilliant. Congratulations on all your wins! I wish you many many more to come!!

  • Shelly Slade on Feb 23, 2021

    Congratulations to you on your thriving business! It’s a great concept with your hearts behind it, and that shows. I’m a happy, satisfied customer and excited to see what happens as you continue your success!

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