Perfect Gifts Under $40

Ask anyone. Shopping on a budget during the holidays is not always ideal. The good news?

The most thoughtful gifts do not have to be expensive and we’re happy to be the perfect example of a simple, thoughtful, cost effective gift. Our plant-based products make perfect, year-round gifts for anyone and for any occasion

For the Plant Lover 

Plant lovers can never have too many #plantbabies. Our Make It A Double box comes with 2 potted baby succulents just waiting to grow alongside a plant parent. Perfect for the plant-lover in your life or anyone who may have some growing to do. 

For the New Mom 

Cacti bring positivity into the home and are also known for the protective energy they give off. Their vibrant colors, unique appearance, and prickly surfaces actually lower the amount of noise in-doors and induce a calming effect. Our Prick Me, I’m Dreaming box includes a potted cactus, handmade lip balm, sage smudge, palo santo sticks, and our Ease Your Mind room spray. 

For the Meditation Enthusiast

The best meditation sessions are always accompanied with a little aromatherapy. Our NEW All Natural Wooden Wick Candle is a chemical-free cocktail of key essential oils to relax the mind, body, and elevate any room. The crackle and pop of the wooden wick sets the quintessential meditation mood. 

For the person who Just Moved

New address, who dis? 
Aside from it’s amazing smell, our
Ease Your Mind Room Spray cleanses the energy of any and everywhere. With a refreshing combination of essential oils, it’s inviting aroma is the perfect way to set the tone of a new space and say “Welcome Home”. 

For Someone Who Needs a Little Boost of Energy  

One of our favorite and most popular boxes, the Blooming Energy Box, does just that. Packed with a unique succulent, sage smudge sticks, palo santo sticks, plant-based lip-balm, and room spray this box is truly the gift of self-care. Perfect for the person in your life who could use some positive vibes.  

For the Natural Beauty Guru

Just like plant lovers can’t have enough plants, beauty gurus can never have too many natural, cruelty-free lip balms. Looking for a plant-based, 100% natural, cruelty-free, and plastic-free gift?
Hey Nice Lips lip balm is all of the above. Be the thoughtful friend this year. They will thank you  

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