Plantstagram Weighs In: Plant Care is Self Care

Three Succulents sitting in the shadows in traditional The Nice Plant planters and bamboo holders.

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At The Nice Plant, we believe that plant care and self care go hand in hand.

Our mission is to provide you with a state of mindfulness and serenity by the use of plants. It's often difficult for us to slow down and practice mindfulness in our daily lives, given the workload that always seems to be in front of us!

Plants can be an intimate part of our lives and homes.. Especially in small living spaces in the big cities, we believe that plants have the power to ground us onto a better self care journey

There’s something about being surrounded by nature that settles us to be in a different mindset. As we breathe the fresh air that nature provides us we instantly feel connected and cared for. It suddenly resembles that comfort-feeling of coming home after months of being homesick. That harmonious state between yourself and nature is what makes plant life so addicting! 

We asked some of our IG friends to weigh in on how caring for plants has helped them practice mindfulness. 

Here's what they said...

Taking care of plants really became important during COVID in that I still felt connected to nature and felt like an escape from my everyday life. Everytime a plant thrives in my care, it makes me happy since I am a caring and nurturing person”

- Pamela Danko (@pammys_plants)
The Nice Plant, influencer feature: Pamela Danko


[Plant care] is a reminder to drink more water and never stop growing.

- Anthony D. Ware (@theanthonyware)
The Nice Plant, influencer feature: Anthony Ware



The Nice Plant's succulents in ceramic planters with plant stands.

As plant parents, we love taking care of our plant babies and watching them grow every step of the way. We shower them with unconditional love, attention, and positivity from the moment we take them home. Along the way of the plant journey, you then discover growth–were not just talking about your plant baby, but spiritual and personal growth. Like we said before, they ground us! In the most unexpected and humbling way, plants bond with us. 


“My plants are my babies! We take care of each other daily in a mutual exchange.”

- Rosco Spears (@roscospears)
The Nice Plant, influencer: Rosco Spears

“It is essential.  It has taught me how to be more in the moment and how to be mindful with other things occurring in my life.  As a therapist, I teach people about self care and using plants as a method of self care all of the time.”

- Kevin Edouard (@theplantpapi)
The Nice Plant, influencer: Kevin @theplantpapi


“I love taking care of something outside of my self. I feel meditative and calm when I’m taking care of my plants, repotting and buying new accessories. It’s a very calming, enjoyable sensory experience for me and makes my environment so much more green and happy!”

- Liz Brown  (@anotherwriteraccount)
The Nice Plant, influencer: Liz Brown @anotherwriteraccount


The Nice Plant's succulents on a gray background in traditional ceramic planters, modern plant holders. Green succulents and plants.

Plant care is not just collecting or learning about plants, it is more than that–it is a lifestyle! This plant community has spoken on the positive growth that plants have provided them. So let us know how your plant journey is going. 

Special thank you to our brand ambassadors and influencer friends that weighed in on this article. Be sure to follow them and show some love on their pages!


Plant Care is Self Care -- The Nice Plant

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