Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Possibility

A small green, fuzzy succulent on a grey concrete background in signature minimalistic The Nice Plant pot.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With cupid helping you swipe right, we got you covered on the best gifts of the season, no matter the flavor of the relationship. No need to stress, your group chat will approve of this guide!

As this special day falls in February, we want to support other Black Businesses, and in celebration of Black History Month... All items on this list are specially sources from Black businesses like The Nice Plant! We created a graphic version of this Gift Guide which is here, on our instagram as well as a 'guide' version which you can find here and includes 30 products from Black businesses we love. 


A closed inner box is padded with red Valentine's Day edition packaging in a The Nice Plant's Blooming Energy Box. The box also holds Palo Santo, Sage, Room Spray, and Lip Balm in sustainable, ecco-friendly packaging atop a modern-looking LA-style coffee table.


😍The First Date 

On Valentine's Day? That's bold, honey. First impressions always matter! So start the date right by setting the mood with the Aromatherapy Box. Relax the date by cleansing the bad vibes away, and embracing the new possibilities. The Peace & Honey CBD 1Day Tea Kit can also help soothe those first date nerves (just in case).

OUR SUGGESTION: Aromatherapy Box

🥵The one from the DMs 

You slithered your way into their DMs, you can now slither your way onto their hearts with a Snake Plant. Flowers are great, but it’s the typical move for Valentine's Day. Keep that conversation going when you gift them something different. Stick out from the rest and pair that snake plant with Midunu Chocolates’ Adwoa Gift Box

Snake Plant


🤗Self Love 

You deserve the love you think you deserve. So treat yourself this season with the Big Energy Succulent. It’s all about you, and ONLY you. Let love come to you by putting yourself first with the Better Every Day Journal. A guided journal to help you be the best version of yourself–because remember: You don’t chase, You attract. 

OUR SUGGESTION: Big Energy Succulent


😒The Situationship 

The talking stage may be complicated, but this doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re together or not–there’s an undeniable spark between you two. So let’s keep that spark burning with the All Natural Wooden Wick Candle. It’s a great match with Chakra Zulu’s Rose Quartz Beauty Set . It’s time to de-stress and pamper your situationship because … we get it, it’s tiring to guess what y’all are. 

OUR SUGGESTION: All Natural Wooden Wick Candle


🥰For Lifers

First and foremost, CONGRATS on finding your lifelong partner. We are delighted that you’ve found that one special person. So let's commemorate this Valentine's Day with the Blooming Energy Box and a custom Necklace. It’s not too much when you’ve found THE one. Let others know who got your heart blooming!

OUR SUGGESTION: Blooming Energy Box

🤩Opposites Attract 

The odds are in your favor! Your differences complement each other in the best way possible. The unique chemistry and balance that your relationship possesses is something to be amazed by. You two go together like the R+R set and the a Wellness Session by Relaxed and Restored


🙃Just Friends 

This day isn’t always about couples and relationships, it’s all about showing appreciation towards the people we love. We often forget there are different types of love and so much of it to share. No matter who they are to you, saying those 3 words and 8 letters in an unconditional manner is still very meaningful. Let’s give those that matter to us the Garden in a Box. A fun group activity to grow with the ones we love the most!

OUR SUGGESTION: Garden in a Box


Whatever the relationship, we hope you have a nice Valentine's Day here at The Nice Plant. Remember: plants over flowers. Every single time.

Agree or disagree? Leave us a comment below!

Happy Black History Month!


A small card reads "plant one on me" in script and "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" with The Nice Plant's Valentine's Day packaging and a neon pothos.
A green succulent (ogre's ear) sits in the middle of The Nice Plant's Blooming Energy Box in Valentine's red, which includes: Sage, Palo Santo, Room Spray, and Lip Balm. All in sustainable packaging.
@theniceplant on Instagram - Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Small Black Businesses@theniceplant on Instagram - Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Small Black Businesses








Be sure to check out the full guide on our instagram.

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