Feeling Low? READ THIS

Plants do much more than sitting still and looking pretty. Did you know, just by being around plants, your serotonin levels can increase? It’s no wonder why many people are addicted to the plant life! 

We all have those troubling days where we feel out of place or just frustrated with our own thoughts and emotions. Whether it’s unwavering negative opinions or a deep state of brooding– it’s hard to just shake it off. 

If there is anything that plants can teach us, it’s to take things slow. Now, taking it slow may not be the pace you want, but it might just be the pace you need.

When we slow down, we begin to reflect on our own intuitive thoughts and feelings that help us comprehend what’s really going on within.

It’s a mysterious scientific blessing that being around plants can help reduce stress levels and improve concentration and productivity. As we breathe in the fresh air that plants release, we also exhale the unhealthy toxins out of our bodies.

This small action transcends us into a mood-changing experience of calmness, peace, and tranquility – simply, the mindset we always need when having a bad day. 

As we force ourselves to settle and slow it down (with our plants next to us of course), we then begin to contemplate our behaviors and frame of mind. We start to ask questions like “Why am I feeling like this?”, “What’s really bothering me?”, or “What needs to change?”

Now, the answer to those questions is personal and intimate in its own way. The answers may either bring out a feeling of discomforting honesty or an opportunity to resonate with acceptance within ourselves. Not only is this a self-discovery journey, but also a wake-up call from reality to pull us toward what truly matters to us. 

No matter the outcome, slowing it down and surrounding ourselves with nature helps us change our perspectives with unfavorable emotions. As we tip toe into this journey, we become grounded, just like our plants.  

So, the next time you’re not feeling like yourself, simply take a deep breath, exhale the bad energy, and let your plant sanctuary (even if it’s just one) be a consistent reminder to connect with yourself


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