The Best Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

Got your eye on someone special, but don’t know much about them? Maybe Astrology can help with that. It may not be as accurate as one hopes to be, but it does provide guidance of direction of who we are.

If you’re willing to give it a shot, here is a fun guide to gift your Astrology-loving friend! 


The bold and ambitious leader. Aries love to take control of the moment and head dive towards any challenge. Let them take the lead, they know what to do! No need to fuss over a situation, Aries are amazing at problem-solving and they’ll handle it as smoothly as possible! Though they can be seen as blunt and too direct at times, just know their intentions are strictly from their passionate heart. Their heroic personality pairs well with the PIY Box. What better way to get something done than by doing it yourself!


The most easy-going individual of all the signs. All Tauruses ever desire is to be in a relaxing and serene state -- physically and mentally! Most Taurus individuals possess a strong connection with nature. Whether they acknowledge it or not, animals, plants, and all living things are attracted to them. Being away from nature, they thrive on stable routines and avoid change. They can be stubborn and resistant to trying new things, but overall they know what they like! Their comfort-loving nature is best paired with our Garden in a Box. We know for sure this gift will be in great hands!


The adaptable and sociable Gemini! They live a life full of passion and strive to overcome curiosity. These individuals go by the saying “Communication is key to everything!” They highly value the communication between everything and anything they can imagine. Geminis are known to be the life of the party, but deep down they also love being on their own. They usually find themselves choosing between spending their day alone or with a friend. They adore the company, but also seek space from the social scene. Their dual nature is perfect alongside our Make it a double box, it grants them the space and company they always desire.


The most caring souls of all the signs! Cancers are nurturing and one of the most dependable individuals you will ever meet. Their protective and hospitable nature is truly one of a kind that warms your heart. Though they may seem emotional and sensitive most of the time, it’s what makes them live a life full of compassion and care towards others. Cancers enjoy being homebodies most of the time and taking care of all living things. Their protective nature vibes well with our cacti from the Prick me, I’m Dreaming Box



The fire-spirited Leo! Have you ever met someone that’s full of passion with a smidge of ambition? They’re quite possibly a Leo! With their bolded star-like personality, it’s a given that Leos have a great sense of self-assurance. No need to tell them how amazing they are, they already know! Their confidence within themselves makes them exceptional leaders. They thrive from the adoration of others and their compassionate heart. They love to give and what better way to show your appreciation towards them is with our Fire and Fig Box! The fiercest box perfect for a Leo!



Virgo the goal-digger! They are analytical and observant of everything around them. No detail--big or small gets passed by a Virgo. Especially in times of chaos, Virgos are the best at keeping it all together. Being the perfectionist that they are, you can count on a Virgo on getting the job done! They keep it calm, cool, and collected--it’s hard not to be jealous of this charming persona. The best gift to ever grant them is the Fiddle Leaf Fig! The perfect plant that keeps the room altogether!



Balance is EVERYTHING! Libras seek harmony and justice in all places in life. Their approachable and social manner attracts so many people to build a strong friendship with them. Libras are like that one cool aunt/uncle that you always adore. They’re exciting to be around, and a great responsible figure. Libra's biggest fear is being emotionally distant or detached by the ones they adore the most. This pushes them to go out of their way to please people, just to show how much you mean to them. In return, gift them with our Get Your Zen Box! Let’s bring some peace and harmony to them for all the support they have provided you!



Scorpios are that one crazy and unforgettable person in your group. Whether they’re crazy-good or crazy-bad, Scorpios have a reputation for being persistent and strategic! All their intentions come from the heart and they never hold back their opinions. They are determined and independent individuals that strive to turn their imagination into reality. Scorpios are headstrong and possess a sharp intuition. They’re the first to sense if something is wrong, or out of place. That gut feeling they always listen to is 99% right most of the time. We’re no Scorpio, but we’re absolutely sure they’ll love the Striped + Spiked Energy Box. The best gift that radiates positive energy to intuitive Scorpio. 



The adventure-seeker and risk-taker! Sagittarius individuals enjoy spontaneous moments and impulsive decisions. Of all the signs, they have a great depth of emotional intelligence--which helps them build connections with a variety of people. They value their independence and are obsessed with becoming the best version of themselves! In need of a new hobby? Bored? Or would you like to go out of town? Sagittarius has the perfect answer for you! Maybe in return, gift them with the Blooming Energy Box! Not only will this keep them grounded, but a fun new experience perfect for any season!



It’s all about the hustle! You’ll never catch a Capricorn being lazy in bed or slouching on the couch. Disciplined, hardworking, and initiative is what Capricorns is all about! Their driven persona inspires everyone to not only work harder but smarter! Capricorns are grounded to be realistic and goal-driven in every aspect of their life. They do it with great passion and emotion that it encourages all the signs to strive their best. They may take things too seriously, but they are seriously extraordinary at their job! Let’s gift the busiest Capricorn with the R + R set. An easy to care for ZZ plant and an energizing candle that can thrive the hardworking Capricorn. 



The free-spirited Aquarius! Have you ever questioned if someone was either a genius or absolutely insane? There’s a good chance they’re an Aquarius. They are self-reliant, creative, and idealistic individuals. They value spending time with their family and close friends while being unapologetically spontaneous! With a rebellious nature and an optimistic mindset, it’s hard not to be curious about what they’re up to. No matter what they have planned on doing with their time, you can’t help but to smile and be in awe of what they’ve accomplished. Being around an Aquarius is full of excitement and endless possibilities. What better gift to provide them with the Better than a Threesome Box! Four plants with an endless amount of fun.



Emotions to a Pisces are like plants without their sunlight and water! God forbid Pisces to ever live a life without being emotional! Pisces have an immense emotional intuition and they rely upon this superpower to get through any challenge thrown at them. Because they are deeply connected with their intuition, they possess a spiritual nature like a psychic. For instance, Pisces can examine you and your desires like looking through a transparent window. They also like to daydream and think of infinite possibilities of their inspirations. It’s no wonder why Pisces can have supernatural 6th sense! Hopefully, they can energize their vibes with an Aromatherapy Box. Give them a moment to breathe out all the bad vibes.


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