Light For Your Plants: Explained

Depending on your plant baby, lighting can heavily impact its growth.

Providing stable lighting is key for their wellness. Whether it’s near the warm window or in the shady oasis, different plants thrive in different environments. 

Here are a few lighting placements to keep in mind for your plant to blossom:

North-facing windows (Low-lighting):

These windows have minimum lighting available. It’s one of the cooler spots for plants that don’t require full sunlight. Though they don’t receive direct or partial sunlight, it’s one of the best places to keep your plant babies cool for the hot summer. But also keep in mind during cold winter to distance plants at least 3 ft. away as it may be sensitive to the cold. 

Snake Plants

South-facing windows (Direct-Bright Lighting):

Plants that need direct and bright sunlight need to be placed by the south-facing windows. As the sun shines from the East to the West, south-facing windows receive the most lighting. Depending on your plant, make sure to keep it hydrated as much as possible when placing it under direct sunlight.

Jade Plants 

East-facing windows (Bright-Indirect Lighting):

Plants that need partial or moderate sunlight to thrive, prosper well nearby the east-facing windows. With the sun rising from the east, it’s the perfect spot for plants that prefer the morning sun.

Fiddle Leaf Fig 

West-facing windows (Medium-Bright Lighting):

Just like south-facing windows, plants that demand full sunlight can thrive nearby the west-facing windows. Especially in the summer. As the sun shines directly in the afternoon and provides its direct heat, make sure to provide ventilation to cool down your plants. 

 Zebra Succulents

Artificial Lighting:  

We understand that not everyone has the same access to sunlight for their plant babies. Especially living in apartments in the cities, therefore, providing proper sunlight can be difficult. Using alternatives such as artificial lighting, or grow lights can help stabilize your plant babies. Depending on your plant, grow lights can adapt to its needs. 

Cactus Plant


Happy growing!🌱

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