Are Your Candles Toxic? Let’s Talk.

Nothing ties the home together like a warm scented candle. No matter the season nor the occasion, you can never be upset with that inviting aroma surrounding your space.


When considering buying candles, the most common places are usually from the mall or the big popular brands. Though store-bought candles may be more accessible, there are several harmful reasons to avoid them.


When buying candles from the store, you don't always know what’s in the candles or where they came from. In most cases, these candles are made by the petroleum industry, which contains toxic chemicals and ingredients that are hidden by the the term “fragrance.” 

When inviting candles like this into your space it can lead to toxic side effects to your own home and body. As they are made with petroleum, these candles produce a high amount of soot that can discolor and stain your walls. Breathing in these fumes mixed with the chemical fragrances can cause allergic reactions and headaches. 

An alternative solution (the best one of all) is going ALL NATURAL!

Whether you prefer floral, citrus, fresh, earthy, or an exotic scent, the best type of candles to fill your space are the ones that are plant-based.

They’re environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic--which is perfect for any home. 


In comparison with prices, candles made with harmful ingredients are cheaper for a reason. Being made with petroleum they’re intended to burn faster and hotter and in turn you are replacing your candles several times throughout the year.


With natural and plant-based candles they produce a slower and cleaner smoke that lasts longer than the average store-bought candle (honestly, a bigger bang for your buck)

With candles from The Nice Plant, they’re not just made from soybeans and essential oils, but also with love and care for your space. 

We make sure our candles are paraffin and chemical-free every time you light it up!

Grab your All Natural Soy Wooden Wick Candle

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