Self Care Misconceptions

How often do you pour into yourself? Do you have a routine? What’s your mental state like? Need the week off?

All these questions have no right or wrong answer and just like self-care, there is no right or wrong way to do it!

There are so many different ways to take care of yourself (mentally and physically), restricting yourself to one particular way can be limiting.

What’s the best way to take care of yourself? That’s for you to answer! But keep in mind the next time you’re feeling a bit burnt out, it’s okay to REST AND RELAX.

Here are a few misconceptions about self-care that we can tackle to have a healthier mindset:

  • “It’s selfish" - Putting yourself first is not a selfish action. For most of us, we have grown into the habit of pleasing others' needs over ours and creating a hustle persona. Whether it’s cutting your workout time, pushing off reading that one book on your nightstand, or even rescheduling that mani-pedi appointment just to fit in other people’s schedule is an exhausting mindset! Prioritizing your needs and mental state is important for your personal growth as a functioning human. You need to provide time to yourself as you do to other people.  
  •  “It’s optional” - Everyone needs a break. Overworking yourself can cause a lot of harm to your mental and physical wellness. So, slow down and take it easy, there’s no need to rush. When we take time to ourselves and recharge, it can actually benefit us by retaining information better and gaining more energy throughout the day. 
  • “It’s supposed to be easy and relaxing” - The self-care you need may not be a day at the spa, but a time and place to check in with reality. Everyone has their own way of releasing stress and discomfort. Whether it takes days, weeks, or even months, self-care can be about disputing that unwanted feeling or situation you’ve been avoiding. 

So go ahead and take a break and treat yourself! No one else can provide you the proper care you deserve, other than yourself!


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