Father's Day and Plants?

Yes, hand in hand. 

Father's Day is almost here (June 19th, don't forget) and it is the perfect time to encourage dad's love of plants! As a gift, he can appreciate it for years and will think of you each time he tends to it! It will also grow over time, a direct reflection of your love for him. So let's get into it!

Need a reason to gift dad a plant? Keep reading.

5 benefits of plant life in your space, including Indoor plants can make you more productive and boost your creativity Plants can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression Houseplants can improve memory and focus Plants improve the air quality inside the house and remove toxins Greenery in your living space can boost your mental and emotional health

All perfectly good reasons to gift dad a plant. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.

Give dad a plant that reminds you of him (or that reminds him of you!) 

Example, a Snake Plant. Hardy, easy to care for, low-maintenance, reliable and takes care of the air for you by removing toxins. If that doesn't sound like a dad plant, I'm not sure what is. Even the posture of this plant is giving dad vibes. Immediately, yes.

snake plant potted in a soft turquoise colored planter next to a black candle vessel

Another great plant for dad -- a succulent. No fuss, resilient and happy, as long as you don't do too much. Leave it to dad to care for a thriving succulent. Best part, he can do the bare minimum and this plant will stay happy! Sounds like a win-win. 

potted succulent plant on a well lit kitchen counter

Delivery is fast and easy. Shop today and schedule delivery so dad gets his potted plant delivered straight to his door just in time for Father's Day cookouts and get togethers.

We hope you decide on a great gift for your dad, but don't forget your uncles and other father figures as well! Spread the love and send a thoughtful gift and some cheer this Father's Day! 

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Happy Planting!

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