Reasons Your Office Needs Plants

Get the plants.

There are a lot of reasons why every workspace should have living plants. We wanted to share them here so you can pass the message


Biophilia [ bahy-oh-fil-ee-uh ] • noun
a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms; a desire or tendency to commune with nature


Your office is probably really nice, well designed, and possibly even modern. But is it adding to the experience of being there for hours on end? Plants can really change the nature of an office (yup, that was a pun).  We have just a few reasons your office needs plants below because now more than ever, office managers should care about how their teams are doing and how to add to their lifestyle, which includes their time at work! 


Reasons Your Office Needs Plants:


Improve quality of the space

Plants bring a warm energy to any space and with the juxtaposition of tech, computers, desks and plants, the mood can shift to a more pleasant environment, resulting in a more satisfied workforce! They add color and make it feel more cozy and relaxing, a much better work environment. Especially given that you and your team may spend a lot of time at the office!

Increase creativity

Plants and their vibrant colors and unique shapes really lend themselves to the creative process and therefore make great additions to workspaces. Creative teams often appreciate the earthy vibes and plants increase energy, allowing people to be more productive than in the absence of plants.

Improves employee and team wellbeing

Plants increase wellbeing and give employees and teams a feeling of intentionality behind their work space. People spending all day around 4 concrete or brick walls does nothing for their sense of peace. Add some plants, add some peace.

Cleanse the air and remove toxins

Yes, plants basically do it all. 

Reduce fatigue and improve concentration and memory

The mere presence of plants can shift a lot of things, including mood, focus and energy. Plants have a subtle but noticeable affect on fatigue and feelings of being overwhelmed. Spending time around plants is literally beneficial for these functions, making it a no-brainer to add plants to the office!

Improve the aesthetic of the space 

Elevate the interior design and overall feel. This one is a given. Obviously.


IYKYK. We hope you are convinced about the benefits of office plants and that you get right to it! This includes home offices as well!
A lot of us are working from home and that doesn't mean you should skimp on that space. It's critical that you craft your space or, better yet, send a plant to someone you know is WFH! Add a small, medium or XL plant right by your desk and ensue the more positive vibrations. if your office needs plants. We provide office plant design and delivery.


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