Homescaping and Why Your Home Deserves Real Plants!

Finally! You may be wondering how do I make my house feel more like a home? Or even How do I design a place that I love

Have you been wanting to add a touch of life but not sure where to start?

Let's get into it.

We break down some cool ways to incorporate plants into your living space (and which ones to start with) right here in this blog post! 


Plant decor can make all the difference because living plants emit a different energy in any (and every) space. We invite you to explore your options and plantscape your space!


entrance to your home with potted rubber tree plant in a plant stand by the door

Grand entrance! 

When you enter your home and when guests enter your home, you want a plant's greeting! It gives warmth and a plant by the door is usually a great design touch.

The entry to your home should feel welcoming and what better than a plant that lives and thrives 24 hours a day. Coming or going, there's your plant.

When you return to your living space, it should feel like 'ahh yes I'm home' and ideally that bring feelings of gratitude, as opposed to feelings of "ehhh". 

A plant can also add a touch of color if your space is neutral or a pop of color if that's your style! 

We recommend:
Rubber tree plant 
Snake plant 🪴 

Design hack: Incorporate a plant stand. Anything that brings a little added height to your plant gives it a little razzle dazzle.  


Kitchen Accents

kitchen shelf plant decor next to cook books, a white tea pot and wooden serving dish with sauces. a hand placing a potted succulent next to a potted Chinese money plant

A lot of us order out (hello Postmates) but, you also may spend a considerable amount of time in your kitchen, and it is an important part of your living space. If you're not quite at the level of growing herbs on your countertop, we recommend a few plants that are fairly easy to care for and grow wonderfully.  And if your plant skills are giving, then a mini collection in your kitchen may be just what you need!

This is also a moment to add a plant with personality. The right plant, in the right planter, can change your cute little kitchen into a moment that makes you smile.

We recommend:

Pilea Peperomioides (aka Chinese Money Plant) 
Bamboo ☁️ 
Spider Plant 🌤 
Succulent plant ☀️ 
Satin Pothos 


Big Living Room Energy 

We are all looking for just the right plant to have that living room moment. One of the most popular (and for good reason) is the Birds of Paradise plant, known for their remarkably large leaves and silhouette, adding to the layout of any living room. Monsterra plants are also very popular and famous for their large split leaves and aesthetic. These plants come highly recommended because even with a big of neglect, they seem to thrive in most conditions without maximum effort. 

In your living room, play with different colors, neutral or bold, and heights! A taller plant might make its debut and bring the whole room together. Otherwise, coffee table charmers might be your solution to a plantscaping job done well!  We love to see a plant duo shine in the heart of the room. 

The best thing about adding real plants to your living space is that they offer a ton of benefits, including cleansing the air and mood shifting, that are undeniable! 


Coffee table with potted succulent plants, candle, room spray and a hand placing another plant on the table

 Satin pothos potted in yellow ceramic pot on wooden tray against white backgroundBeautiful modern, mid-century designed living room with oversized majestic palm and white couch with a ton of natural light from large floor to ceiling windows

Sweet Dreams

Whether your bedroom has a ton of light all day or merely a sliver of light once a day, it deserves a living, growing plant! Bed side, in the corner or even on a window sill. Give your room that special touch. Waking up and seeing your plant is a reminder of this beautiful life that you get to live! 

Maybe your style is minimal and you don't need something very large. If you love to watch a plant sprout beautiful new leaves, the ZZ plant might be calling your name. We recommend these because they are magazine worthy and very, very low maintenance. Imagine the brilliant looking, shiny, leafy, thriving plant greeting you in the morning and late at night before you sleep. Perfection in a pot. You get it.


bedroom plant decor on bed mantle including potted plant with trailing leaves, a candle from The Nice Plant and some books


The heart of it all. 🚽 

If you have space, plantscape your bathroom! We know you spend ample time in there so spruce it up!

Trailing plants make great bathroom plant decor and they thrive in that environment due to the humidity (we love a hot shower). There is something about a plant growing from a pot toward the earth, finding its way. Those new leaves sprouting are also a vibe, and with plants like pothos, that happens very often! 

We recommend: 
Golden Pothos 
Satin Pothos
Burro's Tail
String of Hearts

Bonus: Pothos plants can grow very fast making them a fun addition to tend to and adore on the regular. 


bathroom plant decor with two cactus plants in beautiful light grey planters next to a blue container on the countertop


We hope this inspires you to just add one plant! Let us know what you choose and if your journey into plant parenthood is off to a great start!

Happy planting.

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