Wellness Bloggers We Love

The discussion of health and wellness has become so prominent and we can’t help but thank people and brands who make it their mission to inspire and make others feel good.

Beyond plant care and self care, they genuinely encourage their audiences to find ways to inspire others as well. 

We’ve compiled a short list of wellness influencers we know you’ll love:

1. @oldworldnew Dallas based, Addie Fisher, encourages sustainable living and creating a healthy relationship between you and your environment. She challenges her audience to find ways to live intentionally, make eco-friendly decisions, and discover how you fit into making the world a better place.



    2. @jnaydaily Besides her love for plants, Janea’s love for life and emphasis on living it to the fullest is inspiring to watch. Her bio says it all: “Here to ENCOURAGE you to live YOUR best life through a happy home + a healthy mind! YOU’RE CAPABLE!”



      3. @hermerakai If you are not a plant person before looking at her page, you will be after. From affirmations, to plant care and self care tips, her page is truly inviting. Nkhensani’s appreciation for plants is contagious and brings a sense of life to the TL.


      4. @e_mosely As the founder of @black.mat.yoga, Eric motivates his audience to find wellness through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. He serves as a daily reminder of gratitude and finding beauty in each moment.

      5. @brownskinplantmama Her captions are always inspiring and come straight from the heart. As an advocate for plant therapy, she might be the complete embodiment of “Plant care is self care”. Her support for others and their personal healing is so needed in the world of social media and does not go unnoticed in the wellness community.


      There are so many people who use their platform to uplift others. It’s exactly what we hope to do through everything we do.

      All of these individuals have supported The Nice Plant, along with countless others, and continue to put good energy in communities of wellness and beyond. And if you haven’t already, hit their follow button! 


      You’ll thank us.

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