Aromatherapy 101

What is Aromatherapy, exactly?

While aromatherapy is certain to make your space smell lovely, it also carries healing properties that go far beyond satisfying your sense of smell. Here are our products and the benefits of each one on your mind and body


It’s all in the name. Lavender, grapefruit, and lemongrass are key essential oils to practicing aromatherapy. Having trouble sleeping? Lavender is perfect for relaxing the mind. Spray some on your pillow or during your late night meditation session. 

All Nsturaal Room Spray 


Burning sage not only purifies the air, but also serves as chemical-free air freshener and odor controller. Ridding the body and your space of negative energy allows for fresher and more positive energy to be present. Sage is a natural mood booster and is known to help with fatigue. 

The Nice Plant Sage


Palo Santo has endless benefits and might just be your new best friend. It is most often used as a remedy for a cold or flu and symptoms of stress. However, it also relieves asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and reduces inflammation. Need we say more? 😉

Palo Santo


Similar to our room spray, our BRAND NEW candles contain an essential oil cocktail of lavender, grapefruit, and lemongrass oils. All are known to naturally uplift energy, reduce tension and anxiety (and they all smell great together). The aroma also contains notes of sandalwood and amber, the perfect accent to reset your mood. The wooden wick is the cherry on top! When lit, the wood wick crackles and pops softly similar to a fireplace. Perfect way to set the mood (for meditation, of course). 🙃


These are only a few of the endless benefits aromatherapy has to offer. To experience the true bliss of aromatherapy (or gift the experience to someone else) shop our latest box at 


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